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Fun Things

Every once in a while, I (help) make something fun.

A Reddit inspired infographic of Amelia's and my Telegram chats for the first 4 years of our relationship.

My phase of buying way too many graphical t-shirts turned into my own creation of t-shirt site with a game theory twist.

A brief go of a webcomic about a pigeon, a squirrel, and their friends.

Poker game to help improve your ability to quickly identify outs in a poker hand.

A 'what you move is what you record' animation creator released as the first product of our first startup.

Prototype of a game teaching kids about public transportation as part of a bid to win a government contract.

A fully networked real time strategy game pitting robots versus stuffed animals.

Resuming a project a classmate and I had started in high-school, fellow Georgia Tech students and I went down the path of creating our very own JRPG.

This Excite Bike clone which won our group best in show in my favorite college course.

The first video game I created with any kind of real graphics. Featured in my post on how gaming made me a better programmer.